OVAH MAG’s targeting strategies help advertisers reach a market with over $380 billion in buying power!

Audience and Traffic

52% of our audience is male

56% of our audience is aged 25-44

Over 4,700 Facebook fans (and growing!)

Display Ad Opportunities

Ads that measure 300 x 600 pixels are one of the biggest banner ads that advertisers can get anywhere. They are instantly noticeable and give out a powerful first impression. These banners can get you the clicks you need.

Article Page Placements

  • 300×600 ad size
  • 30 day run across every article page view


Home Page Placements

  • 300×600 ad size
  • 30 day run


Category Page Placements

  • 300×600 ad size
  • 30 day run across all categories


Other Promotional Opportunities

Sponsored Content

  • Content written by advertiser and placed as an article on our site
  • Content written by OVAH MAG writers and placed as an article on our site (this option requires additional lead time)
  • Sponsored content remains on-site and searchable by search engines
  • All sponsored content must be relevant and appropriate to our site’s content and approved by the editorial team
  • By law, sponsored content will be labeled as such
Announcements & Press Releases on Hot Topics at

  • Press release push (must be written by the advertiser)
  • Promotional announcement (may include party announcements, special events, or product launches)
  • Posts to OVAHMAG.COM will reside on that site and be searchable by search engines
  • Press releases and announcements will also be posted once to our social media outlets

Targeted ads. For an additional fee, advertisers can work with our parent company’s marketing experts to develop a specific and targeted campaign that includes advertising on OVAH MAG and targeted boosting on social media that takes into account industry, geographical area, and other parameters so your ads find their way to the users whom you prefer targeting.

Ad Display and Tracking. Our superior site theme allows ads to be responsive so they properly adjust to mobile devices. Our ad placement process is as simple as you providing the art (or a link to the art) and a destination URL (we prefer advertisers use Google Analytics URL builder and Acquisition Reporting to track ad placement success).

Genuine human traffic. We dislike spam bots and fake traffic as much as you do. Some ad networks use bots and other traffic-generating software to pump up your site traffic, which makes it nearly impossible to convert the traffic volume into real sales.

Ad approval process. All advertising requests must be relevant and appropriate for our site and be approved by our editorial team. Advertisers must allow at least a 48 hour lead time before placement will be live.

Sample Display Ad Size

Ad Banner Space, Kinkster MAG

2 Ad Spaces Available on Home Page; 3 Ad Spaces Available on Category Pages; and 2 Ad Spaces Available on Article Pages

Advertising & B2B Inquiry

Advertising & B2B Inquiry

Tell us more about your interests in advertising and connecting with Kinkster MAG.