About Us

OVAH MAG is an online publication reinventing intellect, culture, music, and sex with articles by providing original interviews and thoughtful commentary for gay men.

Exciting and Stimulating Content… Seduce Your Mind.

Our content includes original interviews, profiles, and spotlights with talented artists and entertainers who inspire; thoughtful commentary and opinion on culture and media, music (including exclusive mixes from internationally renowned DJs), dating tips, men’s style and fashion; strategies for living a healthy lifestyle; insight on societal trends; and more.

How We Developed

Society seems to have evolved but honestly, it hasn’t. Views, beliefs, and perceptions are still antiquated. The pathology within cultures to segregate communities has been passed down from generation to generation.

We developed a deeper appreciation for people and culture when we traveled to Amsterdam. During our stay, we met many lovely locals. Their uninhibited ideas and their openness about life, sex and people intrigued us. The dialogue we had during our visit inspired us to look more closely at the negative pathologies that exist in life and society.

Our visit further developed our appreciation for the arts, culture, music, and human behavior. The alarming realization we had was that as a society we’ve evolved but we are still limited in how we view each other. Society is conditioned to label everything and those labels often define us. Media is successful at pushing buttons because they use those labels to keep us segregated and divided.

The experience of being in Amsterdam (regrettably famous for “sex and drugs”) opened our eyes to what it means to be uninhibited and being open to experience. By now you should have a clear picture why our MAG is called, Kinkster, our first tagline set the stage for who we are today: “Stimulating Content. Better than Sex!”

Although owned, operated, and targeted to gay men, we are inclusive. MAG readers are of all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life. They have an expanded color palette when it comes to their opinions, the music they listen to, their beliefs, and their life experiences. They are not confined to one label or one way of thinking.

Editorial Policy

OVAH MAG is a community of writers and readers who are free to express their thoughts, beliefs, and opinions on various topics. While offering thoughtful commentary, we strive to place everything in a positive light. Writers’ opinions, views, statements, and beliefs are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of the editorial board or owners of Kinkster MAG.

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