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Our content includes original interviews, topics on dating, music, health, spirituality, business, and more. And here, finally, is where we blur the boundaries between art, fashion, music, and style!

Our overall goal and mission are to create a safe place where our writers and readers can freely share their thoughts about life and how to build relationships with like-minded trailblazers and trendsetters without negative criticism. We have enough critics in the world.

Successful men and women of today seek more than original content. They are looking for content they can learn from, enjoy reading, but also want a confident and positive source of information when contributing new ideas, opinions, and perceptions on life.

OVAH MAG writers represent a new generation of thinkers who have an expansive color palette. Our opinions, the music we listen to, beliefs, and life experiences are not confined to one way of thinking. We aspire to represent all aspects of society from all shapes, sizes and all walks of life.

It’s Not OVAH Until We Say It’s OVAH!