Can you find a love relationship on Facebook

    Have you ever known anyone who fell in love and had a successful relationship due to Facebook? I know, "what'? Think about it, is Facebook that much different than sites like, 'Manhunt' and 'Grindr'?...
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    Would You Un-friend Someone for Gay-Shaming?

    Recently I had a conversation with a close friend of mine who is considering un-friending a mutual associate of ours because he finds this associate’s Facebook posts judgmental, offensive, disturbing and they lack sensitivity towards gay men. This person in question is someone who he has respected and admired for...
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    Sharing Too Much on Social Media Comes With A Price

    Social Media is the wave of the future but baby boomers are still puzzled by the fascination of someone posting every minute, or second of their life for the world to see. From generation to generation new trends, technology or lifestyles change and when they do resistance can form...
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    What Do Your Facebook Posts Say About You

    Your Facebook wall is more than just frivolous information or random content being posted. If you seriously think about it, consider employers hiring and firing based on an individual’s Facebook updates. It’s simple; your posts are an extension of you. Whether you’re posting what you had for dinner, the...