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    Raw Sexy Spiritual, A Dynamic Duo Telling it Like it Is

    New York City provides ample access for connecting with others. Managing editor, Corey Wesley, and I love living and being a part of this great city and meeting other people on both personal and professional levels. Recently, we were discussing the many people we’ve encountered in our personal and...
  • health, seasonal affective disorder

    How to Treat Seasonal Affective Disorder

    Getting blue as the days grow shorter? Sleeping a lot during winter but feeling even more tired? Turning to bread and pasta for comfort during cold weather? If these symptoms describe you or someone you know, it may be due to a major depressive disorder with a seasonal pattern,...
  • Depression, Seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

    Alternative Ways to Combat Depression

    Do you wake up every day feeling happy with a smile on your face? I think we all would love to be that person. Lets face it, we feel sad sometimes because of a diagnosis from the doctor telling you, that you are suffering from a terrible illness, a...