New Music: ‎Andre Xcellence! Wu Flu Pandemic!

“This song is meant to get the word out to people about the seriousness of this virus. I hope to encourage people to practice good hygiene and to pay attention to symptoms to protect the populace.” - Andre Xcellence

It’s been years since I’ve chatted with rapper Andre Xcellence. He is an artist that I’ve interviewed over the years, but I’ve always celebrated his hustle, and he is always in the limelight, so I wasn’t shocked to learn he had a new track out, “Wu Flu Pandemic.”

Xcellence and I may have lost touch over the years, but nothing has changed, I believe in his artistry and his passion for music! What I admire most about him is the fact he has the ability to continue to create during these unusual times.

His explosive new hip hop single and spin on Coronavirus might have you asking yourself, why? Too soon?

Xcellence felt the need to make the song two weeks ago when he saw the masses of people at Brazil Carnival, Venice Carnival, Milan fashion week, and Australia Gay Mardi Gras ignoring the health risks of large gatherings. “I see my friends out there on social media just blissfully unaware of what’s going on in the world,” he adds.

“My friends and family thought I was crazy in January, but now they see that everything I’ve been warning about has come to pass.”

Sadly, I painfully agree with Xcellence! One day from now, Atlanta is re-opening, while I’m sitting in my NYC apartment isolated dealing with a persistent cough now for 15-days, so I understand the need to take this horrific situation and express yourself whatever way possible.

“Wu Flu Pandemic” is a marked departure from his typical music but as he explains, “Someone needs to get the word out on coronavirus in a way that youth will digest it because the news is all doom and gloom and frankly, most kids don’t pay attention to it.”

Andre Xcellence’s “Wu Flu Pandemic” is available now on all streaming platforms. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram @andrexcellence.


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