Answered: Your Most Burning Questions About Spices

Scientists in the USA have done studies now, to provide information on our health by various spices, which people in other parts of the world have known for centuries.
6 Wooden Spoons with Different Spices On Each One

Spices have been known all over India and Asia to bring added benefit to ones health. Scientist in the USA have done studies now, to provide information on our health by various spices, which people in other parts of the world have known for centuries.

What is the effect on your health with spices?  For me, having dinner without some form of spice in my meal, leaves no flavor or taste in the food.  As a person who comes from a Caribbean and Latin background, the term “hot blood” definitely describe my people. I suppose the added spice in the meal brings out the”heat” in us. Spice is the way of life for me. I have included some of the various spices and their health benefits that you too can include in your daily life and bring out the “heat” in you along with the healthy benefits.

Some of the various spices and their health benefits include:

Garlic:   A very powerful spice. I love garlic in my food. It helps improve the circulation and protects the heart and arteries. It also is known to help prevent high blood pressure.  When I feel as if a cold might be coming on, to prevent cough and cold, eating garlic is helpful in preventing it.  It also help with bronchitis, asthma, hay fever and sinusitis.

Cinnamon:  A favorite spice of mine. In the morning, I start the day with  steel cut oatmeal and I add cinnamon to it. It is useful  as a warming remedy for colds,coughs, fevers. It helps as a remedy  for nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Cinnamon  is also used in prescribing to treat rheumatism.

Cayenne pepper: Good for high blood pressure. It cleans the arteries by helping rid the body of the bad LDL cholestral and triglycerides. Good for stomach and the intestinal tract when taken internally, its good for ulcers despite the hot taste. Making a drink with cayenne and warm distilled water will dramatically improve your heart health. One of the most powerful spice in the world. For sore throat, I gargle with cayenne and honey. When rubbed on your gums as well, it will ease toothache and prevent the teeth from rotting.

Ginger:  This spice is the traditional remedy for the treatment  of cough, cold and congestion. The treatment of an upset stomach is among the added benefit. Ginger is also recommended to people who suffer from gallstones. Another benefit of this spice which is used in Asian cooking, is the treatment of menstrual cramps, migraine relief, morning sickness and according to studies done by the University of Michigan Cancer Center, have found that the ginger powder induces cell death in ovarian cancer cells to which it was applied.

Turmeric: This spice which comes from the root of Curcuma longa plant and long been used in India as part of the curry powder. It is a natural antiseptic and antibacterial agent, useful in disinfecting cuts and burns. In studies, it has been shown to help prevent breast cancer from spreading to the lungs in mice. Also, a natural liver detoxifier and may aid in  fat metabolism and help in weight management. Chinese have  long used this spice as a treatment for depression. Promising studies are underway on the effects of turmeric in pancreatic cancer. Turmeric a natural treatment for arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Curcumin:  This spice is referred to as the “holy powder” have been used for centuries to treat wounds, infection. Studies are underway and Curcumin found to prevent brain degenerative diseases including Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. The studies are still ongoing by researchers from Michigan Univ. Researchers also suggest it may help prevent or treat cancer.  Another power house spice from India and Asia. It has been used in ancient times to treat arthritis and digestive problems and urinary complaints. Also, it was used to treat “low energy” and a variety of skin and wound conditions.

With the use of any spice used for medicinal purposes, please consult your health practitioner before starting any health regimen.

Be a seeker of truth and find out for yourself, the health benefits of holistic, homeopathic, remedies that Big Pharmaceutical  companies don’t want you to know.  A healthy new you is waiting to come forth.  Change your life, Change your health, one day at a time.


Jr Editor: Beverly is a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition/SUNY Purchase as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Beverly practices a holistic approach to health and wellness... and is a Vegan. Change your diet Change your life.