Billboard Magazine’s “Dance Music Artist of the Decade” Releases Music Video For New Single, “Just a Lie” - Project Publicity

The first time I met Kristine W, I could not believe I was in the presence of a musical club icon. She was the kindest and sweetest person.  I was not disappointed. Her genuine spirit melted my heart. I will remember that day forever. Her tracks are an imprint to many occasions in my life. Anytime I listen to a Kristine W track; it’s a timewarp of pleasure and sound.

Tracks like “Feel What You Want,” “Just a Lie,” and “Walk Away,” and her CD “The Power of Music,” are the reasons I am a die-hard listener. Since having my online publication, OVAH MAG, there have been countless articles I’ve written listening to Kristine W’s music, a mood enhancer.

Kristine W CD Cover Episode 1: Love and Lie

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The moment I heard that Kristine W was releasing a new music video, “JUST A LIE,” I was dancing all around the house even before listening to the song or watching the video.

Plus, the fascinating part was learning the premise of the video. It features exotic lewks by Circus Couture and video footage from her wedding to her now ex-husband. Her song “JUST A LIE” is a tribute to a marriage that proved to be a lie.

The most exciting part is this is the first single from her soon to be released album, “Issues Episode 1: Love and Lies.”

“Learning there was a third person in our marriage turned out to be only the tip of the iceberg,” Kristine W reflects. “There were layers of deceit including my ex leveraging our family home to purchase a house for his other family.”

“My friends have been rocks for me during this hard time,” she continues. “Also, my kids have been incredibly supportive and so strong. They serve as reminders that while the marriage may have given me the biggest heartbreak I would deal with in life, it also gave me my two greatest blessings in the world: my beautiful son and daughter.”

“Just a Lie” was produced in Amsterdam by Bob Sandee / Subgroover aka Crossnaders. They manage to give the emotional track a very cool, progressive, funky-electro, and house vibe. “I love the unique sound of the track,” Kristine says. “The Bassline, in particular, is infectious.” I have to agree with Kristine W, the original bassline is infectious, and perfect set-up and foundation for another dance anthem to be mixed by DJs across the globe.

Kristine W is a dance music icon who not only brings it, she slays it every time, and that’s NO LIE!


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