Excessive Drinking Is Effecting Your Health

On these occasions, most people drink in moderation and within their limits. But others, find it difficult to control their drinking.
a group of hipsters tossing wine glasses

Do you enjoy an occasional glass of wine with your dinner? When you get together with friends to watch a football game, or attend a dinner party, do you enjoy the evening with a glass of wine or a couple of beers? On these occasions, most people drink in moderation and within their limits. But others, find it difficult to control their drinking.

Drinking too much alcohol causes damage to your health, for example liver disease is a major disease affecting alcoholics along with, digestive problems, diabetes complications and heart problems. Another factor, it raises the risk of injury and accidents, not only to the alcoholic, but to others. Getting behind the wheel of a car and drive drunk is a major problem in this country. Excessive drinking is one of the leading cause of deaths, contributing to nearly 88,000 deaths each year.

What is considered drinking in excess you might ask? Men should not have more than 14 drinks per week, and 4 drinks on a single day. A 5 ounce glass of table wine, a 12 ounce glass of beer, and a 1 1/2 ounces of hard liquor each contain the same amount of alcohol, and each counts as 1 drink. When you drink too much, too fast and too often, you develop an alcohol problem. Becoming too dependent on alcohol comes from excessive drinking, because controlling the habit becomes difficult to manage. When you try to stop drinking, you become irritable and feel over anxious. Addiction takes over your life and you lose ability to feel good about yourself, you are more stressed, and have a hard time making decision. These signs according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, “Thats a recipe for disaster.”

Alcohol dependence is a complex disorder. The treatment of this disease differs for each individual because there is not one treatment that works for everybody. If one treatment doesn’t work, you can try another. Some of the medications used to stop or reduce drinking, causes side effects and in turn more health problems to your body. Taking a holistic approach to treat an alcoholic that traditional medicine cannot, is an effective way to help recover from this disease.

Some effective methods includes: Sauna therapy, because we are in a toxic environment, this method of natural cleansing and healing helps to remove the toxin from your body. Meditation and yoga addresses the physical, mental and spiritual levels along with the 12 step program. Massage therapy helps to bridge the gap between mind and body. The healing power of therapeutic touch very beneficial to the addict. Acupuncture helps to minimize the uncontrollable system of anxiety and restlessness that is associated with withdrawal, and increase a sense of calm. Vitamin IV therapy is an intravenous nutritional cocktail method of feeding vitamins and minerals directly into the blood stream. These treatments increase energy, improve mood, and provide the body with the necessary much needed vitamins and minerals needed for recovery. Hypnotherapy where patients learn new behavioral responses and cope with stress of withdrawal, and how to develop a life free from their addiction.

Eating well and having a nutritional balance meal, all will make it easier for the recovery from alcoholism. If certain people, places and activities are a temptation to make you drink, avoid them. Take up a hobby, interest or friends who will help fill your time and help manage your stress. Seek help by finding an Alcoholic Anonymous support group in your area. Serenity Acres Treatment Center practice a holistic approach in treating an alcoholic person. It’s a daily fight and therefore, keep persisting towards full recovery from alcohol.


Jr Editor: Beverly is a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition/SUNY Purchase as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Beverly practices a holistic approach to health and wellness... and is a Vegan. Change your diet Change your life.