Simplicity is the Ultimate Form of Sophistication... Sophistication is a way to say who you are without having to speak.
a pair of brown dress shoes in a box with a pair of slacks on a hanger, a watch and scarf on a bed

What does it mean when someone’s way of dressing is described as sophisticated? What makes a man sophisticated? Is sophistication measured by the cost of a man’s garment or is it based on the quality of the clothes? Sophistication can be based on opinion or an idea.

Investigating this notion about sophistication, I called our Bergdorf Goodman insider. When asked the question, he immediately found it to be intriguing and fascinating. It did not surprise me that my insider often describes a garment to a potential customer as being sophisticated. But it’s ironic how a simple question created such a challenging thought for him.

The source of fashion includes not only the designer but the buyers and sellers who make and create fashion trends and style. They are the individuals who understand fashion; not just the labels sewn inside your clothing, but the general brand message assigned to the clothing you wear.

Whether it’s high-end luxury or bargain basement, clothing is a signature of who we are. It’s unfortunate but our clothing can be used in our favor or against us.  You can have on a $400 pair of jeans but if you wear them hanging half way off your ass, you’re labeled a thug. Perception is a bitch; it is a lesson I learned a long time ago.

Defining whether a man dresses with sophistication is hard to do. It’s hard because like my Bergdorf Goodman insider stressed, sophistication is in the eye of the beholder. He did add that when someone is looking to improve the quality of their wardrobe and reach a certain level of sophistication; clothing with no bells and whistles, clean, masculine and rich looking can do the trick. Richness, not determined by money or cost but by the fabric selection he says is key. Sophistication may come by wearing cashmere, fine wools, silk, and Egyptian cotton.

Although my question was random, it opened my eyes when labeling a person’s sense of style. When it comes to style, sophistication is relative. Whether you want to dress in a suit or simply wear a t-shirt and jeans, sophistication is a label you can pull off.


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