Laughter is the Best Medicine & Good For Your Health

Laughter Therapy And The Healing Effects It Has On Our Body, Mind and Spirit
A photo of an African-American Smiling in Laughter

“We need to Laugh more and seek stress reducing humor in our everyday lives.  Laughter is a human gift for coping and survival.  Laughter Ringing, Laughter Pealing, Laughter Roaring, Laughter Bubbling, Chuckling, Giggling, Snickering, Snorting.  These are the sounds of soul-saving Laughter, which springs from our emotional core and helps us feel better, see things more clearly, and creatively weigh and use our options.  Laughter helps us roll with the punches that inevitably come our way.  The power of Laughter is unleashed every time we laugh.  In today’s stressful world, we need to Laugh more.”  Laughter Therapist Edna  Junkins, LCSW, LMFT, BCD

“Before The Assult Of Laughter Nothing Can Stand.” – Mark Twain

Some say laughter is the best medicine, and I happen to agree.  Can you imagine going through life without breaking out into a big belly laugh? It puts a smile on your face, and ease the tension and stress you might be going through.

Scientists have studied the effect of laughter, and shown it to be therapeutic and a health benefit for the well-being of the body, mind and spirit.  Giggling, Roaring and breaking out into a burst of laughter, acts directly upon the brain and the endocrine glands. Laughter helps to release tension and reduce the stress hormones transmitted into the bloodstream.  When our sense of humor becomes aroused, we can’t help but break out into laughter.  The muscle that was tensed and stiff, becomes loose and is released by the body breaking out into laughter.

The mood-enhancing chemicals called endorphins are also released from our brains, lifting the mood and promoting feelings of well-being, relaxation, and content. A good belly laugh is the most natural aid to mental health known to a human being. Laughter also helps to enhance our creativity and intellectual performance, and improve short-term memory.

There have been clinical studies in the US and Europe, where they have used laughter therapy for healing. In France a development of “Humorism therapy,” where comedians, amusing videotapes and other sources of humor, are used to help relieve and cure the chronically sick. Humorism therapy has proven very popular with cancer patients who suffer from depression. When combined with a holistic approach to the disease, it greatly enhances their immune defense system.

Also, using a fun-loving clown in a children’s pediatric ward in a hospital has been quite useful and beneficial to the children.  You can find laughter therapy materials on the internet. Laughter is the best anti-stress exercise to practice.  It expands and relaxes the muscles, reduces the level of stress hormones in the body and strengthens the immune system.  Laughter is also a good aerobic exercise, a natural pain killer, and enhances confidence in one’s self. Laughter therapy also rids us of our own masks of fear and pain.  It helps us to keep cool in a stressful environment. Laughing at things that hurt, helps you to regain control over situations that might leave you feeling powerless.

So, make laughter a part of your daily exercise regimen.  A laugh a day keeps the doctors away. Break out into a big belly laugh daily and enjoy the moment.


Jr Editor: Beverly is a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition/SUNY Purchase as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Beverly practices a holistic approach to health and wellness... and is a Vegan. Change your diet Change your life.