Intentions To Set For Your Most Authentic Life

"Intention is the starting point of every dream. It is the creative power that fulfills all of our needs, whether for money, relationships, spiritual awakening, or love."

Proclaiming a daily intention is a relatively new practice for me.  I started to repeat the question, “what is your intention?” after watching a brief video clip of Oprah speaking about one’s purpose and the impact it can have on your life. Initially, I felt weird doing it because the answer to the question never came. Surprisingly, my thought process and focus have changed since asking myself about my daily intention.

It’s not easy to release the negativity in your life, and often we unknowingly carry negative experiences on our backs that weigh us down making us unable to prosper.  A person’s internal GPS directs their intentions in life. Have you ever been lost because the GPS in your car misguided you? What did you do?  Most likely, you turned the GPS off, and you found your way without it.  Although you were not alone, you may not have realized; your intention was set, and you were determined to find your destination.

Intention is not an act; it’s an affirmation.  When you ask yourself, “what is my intention,” it instantly turns from a question into a declaration!  You may be spiritual, religious, or a person who believes in a higher power; what you think controls your destiny and whether you achieve your goals.

The definition of intention says a lot, see a few below:

1.  What one intends to do or bring about

2.  The object for which a prayer, mass, or pious act is being offered

3.  A process or manner of healing of incised wounds

4.  A determination to act in a certain way

By now, you should be like me; damn; the word intention is powerful. It’s not just a word; it’s an affirmation of focus.   If you want to change the present view of your life, there are a few things you have to do to change it.

Understanding your intentions is the first step.  A few steps taken from  helped me create an effective understanding of how to state my intentions with conviction

Your goals are often about fixing what you think is wrong with yourself

  • Once you set them, you feel a sense of pressure to make them happen
  • You worry that you won’t accomplish or achieve what you want, and then you’ll feel like a failure
  • You don’t get the kind of support you want and need
  • You forget that your intentions are designed to support you, not stress you out
  • You get too focused on the outcome and forget about the experience
  • You allow competition and scarcity to take over

Asking “what is my intention” has been internally challenging. It’s difficult because the question swiftly pushes through the walls built by fears, perceptions and superficial goals.  Honestly speaking, I am beginning to acknowledge the harsh reality; I’ve created ‘alternative’ intentions which have blocked me from achieving the goals set within, goals I never utter to anyone else.  However, after reading the following from Oprah’s website and asking myself daily, “what are your intentions?”, I’ve begun to notice a mild shift in my attitude and the outcome of various tasks as I attempt to grow my business.

Intentions: Your intentions are states of being and authentic desires. In other words, you may have an intention to be peaceful, grateful, joyous, loving, successful, healthy or wealthy. Your intentions are your high ideals and are usually at the root of your motivation for any of your specific goals. Most people don’t want goals like a new relationship, more money or a fit body simply for the sake of those things themselves. You want them because of what you believe you will experience by having them in your life. By starting with your intentions, you get right to the source of what you truly want. Intentions are the core and the magic of all of your goals and desires.”

Goals: Effective and powerful goals are ones that are specific and measurable. You want to be able to track your progress and know for sure if you are reaching your goals or not. This doesn’t have to be a competition (with others or yourself) and doesn’t have to be filled with stress, pressure, shame or guilt. Having your goals as specific and measurable just makes them clear and more likely to manifest. And, the paradox you have to always remember when setting and working on your goals is that you can’t be attached to the outcome—it will make you crazy and take you off course from your real intentions. Your goals simply take your intentions and focus them on tangible outcomes in the world.”

Actions: Creating action-oriented practices that support manifesting your goals and intentions is an essential daily, weekly and monthly process of your success and fulfillment. Coming up with action plans that inspire you, connect to the goals you’re working on and fulfill your intentions is vital to all of this. This is where the rubber meets the road and is often the place where things break down. The breakdown of actions usually has more to do with a lack of support and accountability (which then allows you to let life take over and lose your focus) than it does with any failure or weakness on your part. Having practices that help you take the baby steps needed to manifest your goals and intentions is such an important piece of the puzzle.

Thoughts control the outcome we desire in life, but it’s our intentions that guide us to our final destination.  I am not an expert, but I challenge you to ask yourself, “what is your intention?” daily. Whether the intention is to be a nice person, find a new job, or open to love when you’re at a bar, I promise you this, as long as your intention is positive, you will achieve your goals.

Intention is powerful for my destiny” – Oprah Winfrey


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