The Quickest & Easiest Way To Pick the Right TUXEDO

Popular tuxedo designers include Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Dsquared, Gucci, Dolce & Gabanna, Matinique, and Vera Wang to name a selected few.
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As far back as the early 19th century, men’s tuxedos have afforded the male consumer distinguished tailored suiting for formal events. Historically, the “Black tie” look has signified a distinctive uniform for formal occasions. A tuxedo consists of a formal dinner jacket, trousers, cummerbunds, shirting, pocket squares, and men’s pumps (dress shoes with a slight lift) or formal footwear. Today, Tuxedos are classic, yet fashionable and serve as a great long-term investment in one’s fashion wardrobe. Unlike general men’s suiting, tuxedos are not interchanged as often which offers the male consumer the option of wearing their tuxedo over an extended period of time.

Modern tuxedo styles include the traditional tux (classic look), the shawl tux (emphasis is on the collar style), the midnight tux (the navy tux) and the fashion tux (non-traditional fabrics, prints and hues). Popular tuxedo designers include Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Dsquared, Gucci, Dolce & Gabanna, Matinique, and Vera Wang to name a selected few.

Fashion gents out there here are a few important tips for selecting the right tux below:

While Classic tuxedo styling is safe, gentlemen feel free to experiment with various cuts and furnishings.

Be aware of your silhouette and select your lapels, collars, and overall fit accordingly. For example, the slimmer gentleman would select a British or European cut accompanied by narrower lapels and collars proportional to the individual’s body type.

Be certain to select two shirts with different styling and furnishings to allow for an alternate look.

One of the more important components of the suit jacket is the canvassing. Appropriate canvassing will allow for the tuxedo jacket to maintain the proper shape. Additionally, Tuxedo jacket linings should be selected in parallel with the season and personal fabric preference.

Traditional tuxedo suiting is accompanied by the bow tie. However, for formal occasions with slightly less formal theme (e.g., weddings) men can also don neckties to fashion their tuxedos.

A great way to keep your tuxedo updated over a long period of time is to interchange your furnishings (e.g., bow ties, pocket squares, and buttons) to reflect current seasonal and fashion trends.

Tuxedo Color
The classic Tuxedo suiting color is black and in some instances white. However, as menswear fashion has evolved, tuxedos are now produced in such hues as red, bold blue, red, dark green and purple.

Tuxedo Maintenance & Care
If you wear your tuxedo more often than not, it is recommended you dry clean your suit a few times a year. For those of you who may wear your tux 1 – 2 times a year, it is recommended you refrain from dry cleaning your tuxedo too often. It is equally important to take your suiting to a professional drycleaner who is familiar with cleaning and pressing formal wear to minimize any unnecessary damage to your clothing.

As always gentleman, no matter how you fashion your formalwear this upcoming season, remember menswear fashion is what YOU make it! – kass

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