The DISrespect of “BBC”

"...the offense in defining someone as "BBC" is not just because it shows that you choose to not see him first and foremost as a man. You don't even choose to see him as a "black man". You instead choose to see him as a dick. A part of a cisgendered male...'
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The porn industry and its supporters are quick to make the claim that “porn is not sex ed” to exonerate themselves of their responsibility in terminologies and actions contributing to our sexual behavior regardless of our sexual orientation. One of these such actions that they need to take responsibility for is the term “BBC,” which stands for “Big Black Cock.” It is a term I find utterly offensive.

Be it a porn company, website, actor, or someone outside the porn industry, the offense in defining someone as “BBC” is not just because it shows that you choose to not see him first and foremost as a man. You don’t even choose to see him as a “black man.” You instead choose to see him as a dick. A part of a cisgendered male. A part that can be imitated by the purchase of a dildo in a sex shop. And defining that part by a colorless favored by racists just further serves your malicious goal to treat a human being as dismissible and disposable.

It is a terminology born out of white male insecurity over how black males supposedly have a larger endowment. As such white males believe in the theory “bigger is better,” they thereby fear black males with a larger endowment are better lovers.

This insecurity is also often compounded with white guilt. Hence why porn directors all too often choose idiotic black males who will play the uber-aggressive role I’ve often spoken about in my blogging on racism in adult entertainment.

The term “BBC” also shows how white males running the industry have made a way for them (and light-complexioned Latinos) to be labeled in numerous ways based on age and body type and still be considered a complete human being having sex appeal. Whether they are referred to in such descriptions as a twink, bear, daddy, etc., it is still a means for white and light males to be looked upon as an entire sexual human entity. Meanwhile, in their eyes, black males only have sex appeal and are worth existing if they can be seen only as dark-skinned crotches with a huge dark penis attached.

I have seen the ignorance of this mindset play out in the real world through apps and sex parties. But white/light people’s actions alone did not pave the way for this racist sexual perception to grow. They had help.

I also blame black males for the fact of how that term has been allowed to spread from whites to other non-blacks. For not enough black males who have the platform to take the stand that I am (with this article) are man enough to do so? Proof being how such black males respond to these racist profiles on hook-up apps. Such black males pursue the racist size queens, who if you watch that non-black guy long enough, you’ll see him be versatile with another non-black person, but pursue a black male only to be his top. And it has been such black males who have been low enough on self-esteem to allow porn companies and websites to refer to them with that terminology.


Because such blacks are social climbers seeking a seat at the White Table – a table they will never truly be welcomed at. Yet they believe a seat there will alas get them seen as “socially acceptable.” Never mind the fact as to how it makes them a sellout.

This has enabled the arrogance in such whites and non-blacks in their circle to grow to a point that they now feel that they are too good to be chastised for this disrespectful term. So I am writing this article because I and every other Black man deserves better.

If you read my erotic story for Kiiroo, “The Risky Dark“, you might be let down by this after-the-story revelation…

The subject of that story and I are no longer in touch. As I saw him building his porn brand via social media, I chose to not speak to him because I discovered that via a tweet that he defined a black porn actor as “BBC.” That told me that the humanity of the person I had those sexy adventures with is now dead; that is if humanity ever existed at all. For he is now surrounded by black and non-black males with so little respect for black males that they refuse to correct his terminology. They allowed him to be yet another gay porn actor who is part of this problem.

So those erotic adventures with him are now just fond memories. Something on which to say, “That was a sweet then, but this is the sad now.”

In the end, this disrespectful terminology will not go away unless black males refuse to respond to the label, and non-blacks show enough humanity to not think that this is okay. Until then, I will be one of the few black males who has been a part of gay nightlife, gay media, and gay porn who is willing to take a stand on this matter and call it out for the wrong that it is. And as long as it exists, I plan on being a true Aries about backing down…

I’m going to be too stubborn to back down.


LeNair Xavier originally gained notoriety as adult entertainer "Tré Xavier" from 2005 - 2008. Unable to fulfill the mission he set out for in that industry, he now does so by continuing to write for his own blog as well as a few others. With writing to inspire healthy physical, mental, and emotional health to honestly proclaim sexual liberation and proud self-identification.