The Quickest & Easiest Way To BUY SHOES ONLINE

40% of American men say they would ideally buy everything online. Here are 2 tips for buying your footwear online.
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People often say the eyes are the window into the soul, but a man’s shoes are the window into his character. And even my grandmother always told me that before giving a guy my number I should always look at his shoes first. This is part of the reason I use the fall season to step up my shoe game.

pro-series-brannock_largeWhether you’re looking for new dress shoes for work or casual foot gear for the weekends, fall is a great time to scout out new styles and since BI Intelligence says that 40% of American men aged 18 to 34 say they would “ideally buy everything online,” we thought we’d offer some tips on how to purchase shoes online.

First, you have to know your the size of your foot, exactly. I highly recommend stopping by a reputable shoe store and asking the sales clerk to measure your foot with a Brannock Device. Armed with the knowledge of your exact foot measurements, you’ll know exactly what to add to your cart. And if you need to contact customer service for the online shoe company you’re buying from, you’ll have specific details to provide so they can provide assistance.

The second thing I recommend doing is reading customer reviews. When you find the shoe that you want to purchase, the customer reviews may be very useful, and are definitely not something you have access to when shopping for shoes in a brick and mortar store.

Following these two simple tips has saved me a lot of time having to return shoes. It’s a horrible feeling when you get the shoes you’ve been patiently waiting for and then have to turn around and return them because they don’t fit.

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