Believe In Your SMILE But Never Stop Improving It

A Smile Is An Inexpensive Way to Change Your Looks. ~Charles Gordy
Beautiful African-American Woman With A Buzz Cut Smiling Against a Yellow Background

A smile is worth a thousand words. The ways to improve your look are often associated with fashion or style. But when you consider the true factors of what people associate with good looks, you have to pay closer attention to what matters most and what people see first, your smile.

Your smile is your first impression and your last.

People will instantly create opinions about education, income and age based on your smile. Healthy teeth with a pleasing aesthetic will improve your personal appearance; healthy teeth make you look younger, feel more confident and the person is apt to be more outgoing and friendly.

New technologies within the dental industry allow these cosmetic changes to take place in a fraction of the time as compared to decades ago.

For instance, misaligned or “crooked” teeth can be replaced with porcelain veneers or crowns in one day. “With this procedure, the idea is that the enamel on the front side of your tooth is trimmed back about the same thickness as the veneer that will be placed. That way its overall thickness is not dramatically changed.”

“Once the trimming has been completed, your dentist will take an impression of your tooth and its surrounding teeth and gums. It’s this copy of your mouth that will be used to fabricate your veneer.” (

In the past your impression would have been sent to a dental lab for processing. Normally the process would have taken 2 weeks and at least 2 visits for the dentist to insert your perfect tooth/teeth. But with today’s technology, most upscale offices have laboratories on site. These laboratories can fabricate your veneer or crown within hours and your dentist will have it inserted the same day.

Be aware, if your dentist office does not have a lab on premises you’ll be wearing a temporary tooth or teeth until the crown or veneer is fabricated and has returned from the lab. In this case, you run the risk of the temporary tooth falling out or cracking.

Another way to make your smile more attractive is to get rid of staining that may have accumulated over the years. “Your teeth are made of porous enamel meaning that any substances such as coffee, red wine and foods that are rich in dark pigment or blood can easily be absorbed within these pores. Frequently eating these particular foods can cause stains and permanent discoloration of your teeth.”

“Here is a list of foods that stain teeth: coffee, tea, red meats, beets, dark-colored sodas, soy sauce, brown gravy, tomato sauce, orange juice and berries. A good rule of thumb to follow is that if the food or drink can stain your shirt, then it can definitely stain your teeth as well.” (Power Swabs)

Whitening stained teeth years ago would have required bleaching gels with professional (custom-fitted) trays that would have taken at least 2 weeks to be effective. The dental industry has changed and with all of the new technologies you can whiten your smile up to 4 shades in just a couple of hours.

Given the latest innovations you can save time, money and achieve that smile you’ve always wanted.


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