Why We all Deserve a HOT GIRL/BOY SUMMER

The idea of love blossoming under the summer sun can blind us from some of the warning signs that the Mr. Wonderful in front of us might not be who we're looking for.

Summer love sounds like a magical experience, but it’s honestly the worst time to meet someone new. It’s the one season when we proudly wear our rose-colored glasses and ignore all the potential warning signs. We get caught up with spring’s breezes shifting into summer’s sweltering heat and all of a sudden Mr. or Ms. Okay suddenly becomes Mr. or Ms. Wonderful.

When we meet someone new in the summer, the excitement and science of summer take over and we often rush into a whirlwind love affair until the Fall begins. I’ve done it more than I like to admit. I would fall head over heels for someone in the summer while ignoring all the indications that the friendly flirting didn’t mean there was a real connection.

The idea of falling in love during the summer is fueled and injected into our psyche by pop culture, remember the movie “Dirty Dancing”? The idea of love blossoming under the summer sun can blind us from some of the warning signs that Mr. or Ms. Wonderful in front of us might not be who we’re looking for. If we fall prey, we could end up spending our entire summer with someone who turns out to be Mr. Totally Wrong when the season changes and we’re back to reality.

“Other chemical occurrences that sunlight triggers within the body probably contribute to the summer-romance predilection as well. Studies show that testosterone, a hormone involved in our sex drive, hits a peak during the summer. Gives ‘hot summer nights’ a whole new meaning, doesn’t it? And not only are people more lustful because of hormones, but they’re also more energetic. Light encourages serotonin production, the hormone that makes us feel happy and content, and discourages melatonin release, the sleep-inducing hormone. All this means that the surge of energy, the high spirits, and the heightened libido we experience on hot summer days (and nights) aren’t just figments of our imaginations. The seasonal bodily changes that take place create the perfect situation for our hearts to rule over our heads, if only for a few months.” (Intent Blog)

I’m reading more and more about summer, love, and sex and how they all intensify under the sun. I’m also seeing the pitfalls that may present themselves. I have, therefore, become more attentive when I meet someone new. I pay closer attention to their behavior, our interaction either in person or how they respond to me over the phone or via text. For example, if you’re interested in someone, you text them to arrange a date, and they respond with one-word answers, maybe they’re busy, but to me, that is a warning sign. They might not be that interested. If you’ve been caught up in the notion of summer love you might end up on the losing end of that relationship.

According to a study in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior 2012, people in the U.S. are most interested in sex during the early summer, as well as in December and January, according to a new study. “Researchers analyzed the keywords that people in the U.S. used in Google searches over four years and found that every year, searches for keywords related to finding dates, prostitutes, and pornography showed distinct peaks during June and July, and again during the winter.”

Although it’s no surprise that sex and summer are closely related, I believe you have to remind yourself to date smart and for success. This season is aware and is honest with yourself. Summer flings are usually just that, a fling.

Don’t get me wrong, I love, love but there is something about being around more people and enjoying the lighter, fun summer months when you become more interested in sexual activity or going out on a date. Summertime tends to bring a flurry of activities and hot guys, so just beware that Mr. or Ms. Wonderful might not be so wonderful. If you’re not paying attention, you could fall under the wicked spell of summer.


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