How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

Nevertheless, long distance relationships can work out beautifully but you must have the secret ingredient: love.
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Whether you met online or a new life change has separated you from your significant other, a long distance relationship can be quite the challenge. In the case that you met online and you live in different parts of the country or internationally, you may be able to sustain a long distance relationship longer than two people who have been forced to separate. Nevertheless, long distance relationships can work out beautifully but you must have the secret ingredient: love.

Why Long Distance Relationships Fail

Without true love, a long distance relationship is doomed to fail. Either the frustration gets to you that you cannot physically be with this person or you find someone else. The only way to avoid this situation is to truly be enamored of this person. You will struggle with a long distance relationship, this is an inevitability. The good part is if you love this person it will work out. Why? Because no matter how tough it is or as lonely as you feel, you know that the only person’s arms that are wrapped around you at night are your significant other.

 Two handsome gay men in London, England looking at map in a long distance relationshipHow Often Should You Speak to Your Partner?

Now if this was all, a long distance relationship would be easy. The first communications for people who have just been separated are quite difficult because you still remember being with your partner vividly. But you know that the two of you must move forward. The first step is establishing your lines of communication. When are you going to speak? Hopefully, you will be in the same time zone as this eases the stresses of communication. If not, then you will have to be a little craftier.

How to communicate with Each Other

Your main means of communication are by phone, letters, email, instant messenger and Skype. By far the best is Skype as you will be able to see and listen to the person you love. For a long distance relationship to work, you have to speak with each other every day, even it is only for 15 minutes, If you won’t be around for the day, make sure you write an email so that your lover knows that you are thinking about him or her. Sending random text messages will always bring a smile to this person’s face. You need to remind each other that you really are dedicated 100 percent to this relationship working out.

Being Physically “Present”

Although you cannot stand next to your loved one, you can still be there. You can exchange gifts through the mail each month for your monthly anniversaries. Nothing expensive, just a little care packages. Written letters will also be greatly appreciated since it shows that you took the time out to think about your partner and write about how you feel when you are with this person and without. Also, carrying around a photo is also a nice reminder that he or she is present in your life.

Date Night

That’s right. Just because you are away from each other, it does not mean that you will not be going out on dates with each other. There are two routes. Some couples need to go out so that they do not go stir crazy. Couples decide to go to the movies and they watch the same movie at the same time with their friends and then come home to discuss. This will give you the feeling that you know exactly what your partner is doing and sharing your lives together, although apart.

The other date night you can spend together over video conference. Here you just take the time out to talk and learn more about each other through conversation. If you can sing or dance, you can put on a show or even take the time out to teach your partner a new language or how to draw. Any talents you have can greatly help to keep the relationship going and rather fun.

Every relationship should go through a period of long-distance dating. Many times we mask our problems with hugs and kisses. When you take out the physical element, you are forced to communicate to keep your relationship alive. Everyone knows that the strongest relationship is one that knows how to communicate. You will see if your relationship stands the test of time when you are separated. Once you realize how powerful your connection is during a long distance relationship you can make it work. Be patient and take this time to get to know, understand and appreciate your partner.


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