DJ Larry Peace – I’m A Kinkster Too (ft. Corey Wesley)

"I took a risk with combining my love for kink and music, and it paid off with the opportunity to create “I’m A Kinkster Too” with Corey Wesley." - DJ/Producer Larry Peace

The power of three can’t be matched and especially when it’s three openly gay African-American men; a prospect that is scary to many in the world! I’m here to tell you we’re here to stay and it’s time to be recognized for our impeccable talents!

As the founder and creator of the brand OVAH, I’m a proud gay black man who understands the importance of showcasing the talents of men of color in the LGBTQ community, a diverse and vibrant group of men and women. Sadly, within the gay community, there are many examples that we are racially divided. As gay black men, our talents are often overshadowed and clouded by negative stereotypes portrayed in porn and continuously protracted in our media.

Habitual behaviors within our community towards gay black men are negative and something that demolishes spirits and self-esteem. Being sexually fetishized led me down a destructive path but one that influenced me to love myself more.

During years of soul-searching and a long detachment from the LGBTQ community, music became my salvation. For many lonely nights, club music was my only friend. My appreciation for music, DJs, and nostalgic club sound grew during this time!

Marketing a business today is not simple, and it requires innovative and inventive ideas, concepts and execution! After creating OVAH MAG I had the idea of creating a dance track as a way to promote sexual freedom for gay pride.

I collaborated with my longtime friend, Alphonso King Jr. who wrote the lyrics. The first attempt to release a promo track fell through, so I let a year pass before trying again.

DJ/Producer Larry Peace, a loyal supporter of OVAH MAG, captured my attention with his SoundCloud set, “The Dom’s Guide to House Music (vol. one – Kinkster Music Edition).” I instantly knew Peace was the right producer to produce “I’m a Kinkster Too,” the brand’s theme song.

Collaborating with two other super-talented African-American gay men on this project has been extra special because it’s rare we’re viewed as professional businessmen, a positive image!  Lastly, a huge thank you goes to our Sound Engineer, Mike “Lava” LaVaque!


Visionary Leader, Music and Hot Toddy Lover. After 15+ successful years in finance, I ventured out on my own, creating various brands, Flirtatious-T, Urban FLRT, Kinkster NYC, and now Milton Wes and OVAH MAG.