Rapper Big Dipper Discusses Self-Acceptance

Musical artist Big Dipper claims his power and accepts his body
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“Lookin,” the first single off LA-based queer performing artist Big Dipper’s debut album Late Bloomer, is described as a “body-positive anthem.” Lyrics like: “jiggle, jiggle, it’s a party in the middle” help celebrate a body-positive image. Corey Wesley, Kinkster MAG editor, had the opportunity to check in with this talented artist about self-love and acceptance.

Wesley asked Big Dipper for his thoughts on how to begin the journey towards self-love and he said there isn’t anyone answer. Everyone finds their own path towards love. “It comes from an epiphany or one moment in your life when the bullshit falls away,” said Big Dipper.

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For Big Dipper, the bullshit fell away and he found his power when he started performing in Chicago. Before he started making his own music he was in a dance group. That’s when he was bitten by the performance bug. At first, he was self-conscious of his body and showing it publicly. But in a performance setting, he was able to show it off. And because the reaction was so positive he had a moment where he realized the only person telling him he wasn’t sexy was himself. Up until then, he had been funneling media representation and what he thought people thought of him into his own idea which wasn’t positive. When he shed that notion he was able to find self-love.

Big Dipper believes self-love begins with being generous and fair to yourself. He’s learned over the years to be a little easier on himself with self-care when it’s necessary. He finds that giving himself positive energy by celebrating the good things and congratulating himself on his accomplishments and not focusing on the negative will plant a seed in your brain and then you’ll start living that outwardly.

Wesley asked about body shaming and how we change our conversation so we stop shaming ourselves and others. Big Dipper said that there is a small group that works in media and they’re publishing things for the world to see. This smaller voice is being amplified but there are ways to overcome this. The obvious way is for the “assholes with their internal demons to stop” shaming others. Another way, which takes some strength, is to move on and not take on the negative energy. And a third way Big Dipper offered was to have sex. “You need to get turned out by someone who loves your body. We’re all sexual beings and you need to feel the positive energy with someone,” he said. “Go out and get some and have a positive experience because it will make you feel great.”

To overcome negative thoughts of body image, Big Dipper mentioned you have to “put yourself out there.” He suggested ignoring the negative comments and listening to the positive ones. To be real, he too receives his share of negative emojis and comments on social media but he lets the positive ones stick. The positive comments drive him to do more and build the space for him to create.

For Big Dipper self-love and acceptance have been a process. He said, “It’s a lifelong struggle to deal with the status quo.” He’s learned that as you set out to do something it may not happen on the first try and once you flip a switch does not mean that you can’t flip it back. He said there are days he’ll wake up, look in the mirror, and he has to revisit old feelings. But he looks at all the work he’s done and the “footnotes” that brought him here and that gets him through.

Big Dipper is inspired by many things. He loves exploring the world and regularly finds things that attract his attention and inspire him. He has a love for pop music and a real love for early 2000 hip hop and the cross over with rap that started playing on Top 40 radio. There are touchstones and formative things that he experienced growing up that he is interested in creating visually.

Since he started creating music seven years ago, Big Dipper has most enjoyed traveling and meeting people. “Going to other countries to perform has been an incredible thing,” he said. He is truly energized by the whole creative process, from coming up with the idea with friends around him providing feedback and assisting, executing it, putting it out into the world, and then having people enjoy it.

Big Dipper’s debut album Late Bloomer hit in August 2018. He’s now working on a new EP to come out with accompanying videos this summer.

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