Don't let life and societal pressures overwhelm you. Take time for 'you', take the time to find your 'soul food'.
A man covering his eyes standing in front of a wall of roses thinking about life and love

when your soul is in turmoil, it’s hard to see clearly.  Fear, anger, loss of a loved one, breakups, these are all factors that can leave you feeling lost and overwhelmed. It’s hard to keep things in perspective, as these situations and feelings may magnify your troubles.  Often when you are feeling like this, you need someone to look you square in the eyes and say, ” Life is a Bitch…Snap out of it!” That someone should be ‘you.’

It’s not unusual that at some point in life many of us feel overwhelmed or feel that impending doom you just can’t put your finger on.  Here’s the deal, it’s O.K., for a day. Sometimes you need to feed your soul by indulging in a “me” day. Whatever the circumstances are that are causing you to feel poorly, know that it’s o.k to take a day to feel bad. You may stay in your pajamas all day, take a day off from work, refuse to answer your phone or indulge in a bu-rage of comfort food and films for the day. Whatever your personal medicine is, take it, then decide to move on.

Moving on may not always be easy, but it is doable. When you are feeling sad, sit down and make yourself a list of pros and cons.  Write down what is making you feel bad, then ask yourself what you can do to feel better? Never say, “there’s nothing that will make you feel better.”  That simply is not true. There is always something; you just have to find it! Perhaps it’s as simple as laughing out loud or having a good cry. Maybe it’s making your favorite food or calling up a good friend who always makes you smile.  Everyone has some way to feed their souls with happiness.

Our minds need replenishing from time to time. If we can figure out what our personal “soul food” is, then we can acknowledge and accept those days when our hearts feel empty, and know that we have the power and ability to feed our soul with the right ingredients.

Life despair and with ups and downs, pleasures and pain, depression and happiness.  However, in the realm of control, we have to learn to have control over ourselves. Sure, other people’s moods affect ours and can influence our decisions, but if we condition ourselves to find what makes “us” feel happy, what makes our soul feel fulfilled, then we are headed in the right direction. Whether it’s seeing a therapist once a week; or indulging in some Ben and Jerry’s ice cream for a day, find that ‘something’ that fills your soul with happiness. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, it can be something quite simple.

Sit down, take a few deep breaths, relax and be still with yourself for a few minutes. What’s the first ‘happy thought’ that comes to mind? There you go; there IS something that makes you happy! Don’t let life and societal pressures overwhelm you. Take time for ‘you,’ take the time to find your ‘soul food.’


LA Writer: Host at "The Sensitive Nice Guy" radio show. Entertainment management and PR with a background in Psychology and Behavior Management.