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My Poet is a Pervert is a place built on a foundation of sex positivity and complete inclusion of all.
a photo of the front of a greeting card by My Poet is a Pervert. The front of the card reads, Well It's Fucking Party Now

If you’re looking for a conversation starter in the next greeting card you give, look no further than My Poet is a Pervert. This online store selling, not your run-of-the-mill greeting cards and poetry is the brainchild of Rickie who is passionate about the brand. What started as colorful wedding cards are given to friends and family expanded into a whole collection. These greeting cards are a great way to stand out and provide some personality.

The word “pervert” is by some definitions considered a person whose sexual behavior is regarded as abnormal and unacceptable. Rickie might agree with abnormal, but not with unacceptable. My Poet is a Pervert is “a place built on a foundation of sex positivity and complete inclusion of all. A place where barriers, stigmas and anything nasty like that doesn’t exist.” As long as there is a consensual agreement and respect between individuals, who is to judge?

Rickie wants My Poet is a Pervert to be known for creating interesting content, building community, and campaigns where donations are made to charities off the proceeds of select cards. My Poet is a Pervert also looks forward in the future to bringing in speakers to talk about important causes around sex positivity and body positivity.

Whether it be for Valentine’s Day or another holiday, a birthday, a wedding, or anniversary, you’ll find a card to fit the bill. Cards range from $8.00 to $10.00 with bundles of cards ranging from $12.00 to $20.00. In addition, there are works of poetry for $6.00 that will get your message across in a unique and fun way.

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