Can you find a love relationship on Facebook

On-line dating can most certainly be successful if the appropriate protocol is followed. I know plenty of people who have ended up dating due to 'Manhunt'.

Have you ever known anyone who fell in love and had a successful relationship due to Facebook? I know, “what’? Think about it, is Facebook that much different than sites like, ‘Manhunt’ and ‘Grindr’? The answer is, “not so much”! However, one major difference between Facebook and most matchmaking sites is the matchmaking sites screen people ahead of time. They run background checks, make them fill out applications and then they are put through the process until they are ready to commence looking for a date. The question you need to ask yourself is, “are they being truthful on their application? Some people put up fake pictures, some come up with fake names and some are honest. How on earth do you distinguish between what’s fact and what is fiction?

Online dating can most certainly be successful if the appropriate protocol is followed.  I even know a few who met through Facebook and fell deeply in love. The one common denominator is they were ‘truthful’ with each other.  No games, no schemes, no gimmick, just good old fashioned honesty.  One sure way to have a successful relationship with anyone is, to be honest about yourself, your situation and what you want.  Good, strong communication is necessary for any relationship between two people, whether it be romance, business or everyday life circumstances.  If you are truly destined for love, it will happen naturally and reciprocally.


Facebook has certainly become one of the most popular social sites.  It’s used for meeting people, selling things, buying things, promoting your business or career and a few other reasons. One must be careful when creating a profile on any social network. You don’t want to give out too much personal information.  Set your privacy settings, don’t list your telephone number and do not list your address. It’s very easy to pick up a cyberstalker or just someone good at ‘charming the pants off you’ if you know what I mean. If you are using social media to meet people, do it in a responsible and well thought out manner. Refrain from putting half-naked pics or you partying hard upon your site. Did you know anyone who has access to your page has access to your information? Pictures made public can be downloaded and saved on anybody’s computer or phone. Every time you ‘check-in’ to a location, you can be tracked. Think about all of this. If you are using social media to meet people, then do it with intelligence.

As with any other matchmaking site, you most certainly can meet someone special on Facebook or other social media. It is not out of the question. Don’t rush into things. Put them through your screening process. After all, whether it’s Facebook, or meeting in a club or the grocery store, a good relationship takes time. If you are going to meet someone for the first time don’t go alone, or you can let friends know where you are going and who you are going with. Meet in a public location.  Initial attraction is always strong. The physical attraction gets you going, but in the long haul, you have to be able to connect on an emotional and intellectual level.  Remind yourself that many people put up fake profiles to suck you in. Have you ever seen the television show, “Cat Fish”? If not, I suggest you watch it sometimes. Fake Facebook profiles tell you right away the person is being dishonest.  Does it matter what the reason is? It’s the initial fact that you are being lied to from the beginning. Do you want that?

Meeting on Facebook and falling for each other can be awesome if it works out.  Talk to each other on the telephone, get to know each other and check each other out. I don’t mean the sexy pics, I mean “can you Google them and get information?” Have other people heard of them? What do their friends say about them? Do you have a mental connection? If it’s all sex talk and nothing else, beware.  Being attracted to each other is invigorating, however, think smart, use your brain with your heart. For those of you running a scam, shame on you! Think about how you would feel if someone were scamming you.  ‘Facebook romance’, is it possible? I say, “yes” just don’t let yourself be fooled and proceed with caution. As with anything to do with sex and love, proceed safely.


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