Does Top Owens Pass OVAH MAG Shoe Freak Test?

“Invest heavily in your bed and your shoes, because if you’re not in one then you’re in the other!”
Model Chris Fawcett laying in a beautiful cranberry suit posing with a Top Owen's Black Shoe
✟ David Hart - Suit | ✟ Carlton Jones - Long Sleeve T-shIrt

Dogs are man’s best friend and that might be true, but honestly, for a man who loves fashion as I do, that’s not true, it’s our shoes. I am a shoe-freak and after our shoe Top Owens’ pictorial, you will be too!

My mother would always tell me growing up that you can tell a lot about a man by the shoes he wears and I have to agree. Plus, the 1921 publication, Boot and Shoe Recorder: The Magazine of Fashion Footwear, Volume 79, Part 2 is further proof a shoe makes the man. In the 1920s shoemaking was a respected craft, unlike today.

Tops Owens’ recent shoe campaign impressed me and I immediately contacted one of New York City’s insiders and a business associate of mine, Mykel from Mykel C. Smith Creative to express my interest to showcase the imagery from the campaign. Of course, the shoes are the star but Chris Fawcett, the face of the campaign stole the show. The pair were a winning team and the shoes, locations, photography, styling and the creativity behind these images sold me. It’s the reason I started to pay close attention to the shoes.

Shoe freaks, let’s talk about shoes! You should get a whole lot of confidence from looking at these shoes and images. Top Owens shoes and Chris speak with authority on their own lines. A man’s shoes give you an authority in your community on style. You are the real judge. A man with a shoe fetish when there is a multitude of styles, all good footwear fashions become your best friend. Diversity in style is what I look for when we attach our name to a brand and Top Owens passed our test.

Our first shoe-freak pictorial should, therefore, serve as an example of the style period in which we are now living.

Luckily for you, my love for shoes keeps me updated and current on the latest brands, but you are the authority. See to it that Top Owens’ newest collection acts as the keynote speaker when you walk in the room!


Shot on Location at Mdrn Intelligent Living

The shoes will be online soon: Official Top Owens Website
Images by Sean P.Watters
Creative Direction / Styling by Mykel C.Smith
Grooming By Drishty D ‘Costsa using Bonefade Products
Model: Chris Fawcett
Video Directed by Jean Paul Dia
Marco Massa –Post Production
Music: Night Child – The More

*We do not own the rights to the promotional video or music

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