Iceberg Water, Used in Luxury Vodka Every Man Needs to Try

Discover more about our recent discovery, Iceberg Vodka, a brand that offers something for everyone! Learn about their Canadian roots and how their products are made.
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Stop what you’re doing, I have something to tell you? “We’ve struck an iceberg……You’d better send out a call for assistance, but don’t send it until we tell you.” Sound familiar? It’s the historical statement Captain Smith said right before the Titanic struck an iceberg. However, that’s not what I had to tell you; I recently tasted a vodka, and I highly recommend trying it, the chill of the bottle will make you feel like you’re colliding with an iceberg.

Iceberg Vodka is in a league of its own and a brand I will continue to purchase from now on. Recently, my buddy, Steve who’s connected to the most exceptional liquor brands around the world was gracious to send me a handful of bottles, and I will be honest with you, Iceberg vodka is smooth, refreshing and has a clean taste. I know, it sounds odd, reading “clean taste,” but it’s true. We’ve all opened a bottle of vodka, and no matter what it’s mixed with, it tastes like an old factory machine.

Iceberg Vodka had the vision of turning a limitless supply of iceberg water into a real Canadian business, and so far we can not disagree. Named after the very source by which they get their water to make their vodka, Iceberg Vodka launched 1995, in Newfoundland Canada, where their harvesting and production remain until this very day.

Every year in Newfoundland and Labrador, thousands of icebergs break off from glaciers in Greenland and travel South through Iceberg Alley, where pieces are harvested by iceberg hunters aka “cowboys,” while the rest merely melt into the sea. These massive and majestic pieces of ice comprised of water frozen for tens of thousands of years, long before industrial pollution, naturally preserving the purest source of water on the planet.

Once the annual harvest is complete, the ice is melted down to water, they then blend it with their triple distilled spirit [made from Ontario sweet corn], at their blending and bottling facility in St. John’s Newfoundland, creating a uniquely smooth Canadian vodka.

Now, that I’ve explained all that, hopefully, you have a better understanding why I used the word, “clean” to describe the taste. In my opinion, the way they make Iceberg Vodka is the most exciting part!

Plus, it’s an authentic Canadian brand, one with so much pride, and it’s demonstrated in the design of the bottle. There’s more to this than meets the eye. When you chill the bottle properly the thermo-chromatic label allows the blue and white maple leaf to turn red magically.

There is no other national brand of Canadian vodka that is more quintessentially local and Canadian. The vodka brand is entirely owned, created and operated in Canada.

Browsing through their website, I found a few recipes and I tried a handful, but my favorite was the “Canadian Bacon Caesar.” Hell, who doesn’t like bacon!

Here is how you make the ‘Canadian Bacon Caesar:

2 oz. Iceberg Cucumber Vodka
Two dashes of hot sauce
Three grinds of salt and pepper
4 dashed Worcestershire sauce
5 oz. Motts Clamato

Build in a glass and stir. Garnish with bacon, salt rim, a celery stick, and a lime wedge. Enjoy.

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