The ART of the DJ: Guy DeGiacinto

"Guy is a DJ. Life is a dance-floor. Love is the rhythm. He is the music!"
Photo of Guy Degiacinto

Music is my second love because it can’t replace my first, sex! Plus, having sex with a man with enough testosterone to shake and bake is hard to beat.

Although, my third love will always be DJs! When it comes to music, I think they’re the reason why the music industry stays afloat, but they receive little to no recognition for their talents.

There’s an overabundance of DJs I love, but this one DJ, in particular, is a person I consider to be a friend. This man is charming, sincere, welcoming, and he has been a loyal supporter of  Wesley’s brands since the beginning. Days when I wanted to quit, he was always there encouraging me with words of support. Our friendship is only half of it. Our connection and passion for music are why I dig this man so much! Our bond, kinship, and enthusiasm for music are what keeps our friendship alive!

Guy DeGiacinto’s excitement to build a brand and his name are also what invigorates me most about this man.

As a DJ and producer Guy elevates the mind, body, and soul with his unmatched technique in terms of his mixing skills. I am still jar-shocked by his mix of Usher’s “Y3AH.” It’s skillful, rhythmic, soulful, and what I refer to as an ultimate club-banger!

OVAH MAG is excited to showcase Guy DeGiacinto as our first DJ spotlight.

Fasten your seatbelts, boys, and girls, because you’re in for a treat. We’re thrilled we were able to catch up with Guy during his downtime to learn more about this astounding DJ/Producer because this man is on the go making money moves.

When did you start DJing – what were your early passions and who have been your influences?

I started DJing in 1986. My early influences were Frankie Knuckles, Junior Vasquez, DJ Pierre, and Mario Tremblay.

What do you personally consider to be some incisive moments in your artistic career?

Two of the most incisive moments so far would be spinning in San José, Costa Rica at a club called Venue. These boys like it hard! My first time playing GayDays in Orlando was a huge moment in my career.

What stories or messages (if any) are you telling through your music?

To be yourself, to explore new things, and to let go and that music is always the answer to your problems, keep on moving then you can solve them!

Do you believe in the ability of “reading an audience” – and how do you put it into practice?

I think it’s important to read a crowd and that homework starts even before arriving at the club. Know the venue and what is playing there. Early on in the night, I test the waters with a few tracks and always feed off of the crowd’s energy. I never really know what I will play in advance.

What has been your favorite city and/or venue to DJ?

Club Venue in San José, Costa Rica was utterly marvelous!

How many years before you did your first residency? Where?

I did my first residency in 1986 at a club in Cornwall, Ontario called Freddy’s Le Party! I was a resident there for almost four years before making a move to the big city (Montréal).

What do you consider to be your most successful gig? Why?

Last year at an event in Miami called Gay8 in Little Havana, after playing my regular set, I was asked to play on the mainstage in front of some 50,000 people and to this day, remains one of the most successful impromptu gigs I have done.

Do you feel a crowd is actually able to appreciate the intricacies of complex DJing, if they don’t actually know what, precisely, is happening behind the decks?

In general, I don’t think most understand or realize what’s involved and what we do to take the crowd on a journey and to create a customized experience. Once in a while, you get someone who understands the art of Djing, and the rush is astonishing especially when they stand behind me, watching me in action because it’s more than pressing buttons, and they let me know how they are feelin!

Rekordbox or Traktor/Serato? Why?

I am a CDJ guy and I used Rekordbox. The two work seamlessly together. I have attempted to use Traktor at a few events that didn’t have CDJ’s on hand but simply prefer the working with Rekordbox and will add using Mixed in Key as well.

What do you think about the status of nightlife in the LGBTQ community, especially with the rash of gay bars and nightclubs closing across the country? How has that affected your work if at all?

Stay positive, stay true to yourself and although things are definitely changing, I think that a professional, dedicated DJ/Producer will always find their place. I think this also goes beyond the LGBTQ communities as I am seeing similar trends happening in straight clubs as well.

What would you consider to be your ultimate goal as a DJ or music producer?

To be able to create original music and know that other DJ’s support your music by playing your music. Ultimately, I create music out of passion and always inspire to have people to enjoy it on the dance-floor. I really am not concerned with hit tracks as if I can make a difference and reach one person with my music, then I will have reached my goal.

There’s been a shift in the type of music being played at some of the larger events across the country and a lot of big-name DJs have moved away from circuit sounds. Where do you see big room music going in the coming years as this shift continues?

Personally, I think it is important to explore and get creative and realize that there really is no box!

Knowing what you know now, what would you do differently? Would you still DJ?

In the late 90s, an ex-partner made me choose between music and our relationship. I was young and foolishly in Love (so I thought) and chose the relationship and concentrated in obtaining a Master’s Degree to which I am so thankful for obtaining and returned to the regular career type of lifestyle (the real job)! Knowing what I am doing now and where I am at, I would definitely have put an end to the relationship and kept up with my music professionally and pushed my way to the top. One thing I will say is that NEVER stop believing in your dreams and no matter what, stay true to yourself and they will become a reality.


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