Shhhh… Listen! Do You Hear the Sound Of Our 5 Top DJ Picks?

I think it's really important that the crowd thinks there's someone up there who's looking after them. I always try to create a little wave, a journey. I think it's much more about fantasy, a trip." - Sven Vath
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Since launching DJ On The Rise, I’ve been introduced to a plethora of DJ’s that I have come to love and listen to on a regular basis. When it comes to the music industry it is vastly dying with respect to how artists make money. I personally believe DJ’s are keeping the industry afloat.

In addition to our annual naming of Kinkster’s DJ On The Rise, I’m excited to add a new section on Kinkster MAG that will feature DJs throughout the year. People have asked me why we created DJ On The Rise and I’ve written on that, however, I can say it was never intended to be a competition. The genuine reason was just to give me, someone who loves dance music and DJs, an opportunity to express my love and support to the artists for their craft.

Moving forward, I will highlight on a bi-weekly basis the mixes I love. This week I have five astonishing DJs whose tracks dazzled me so much I can’t stop listening to each of them. I hope that you enjoy each one as much as I am enjoying them.  And because I am biased, I am including Bio Zounds’ (2018 DJ on the Rise) last podcast series of 2018 and this year’s DJ on the Rise, Nill Rogger’s New Year’s mix.

Rogger’s mix is a magnificent combination of dance, techno, house, and vocals. 2019 is going to be a great year, one filled with great mixes from Nill and all of the DJs I discover, and I am excited to share them with each of you!

Thiago Antony


André Valentim


DJ/Producer FUri DRUMS

Bonus tracks

Nill Rogger (DJ on the Rise 2019)

Bio Zounds (aka Carlos Figueroa, DJ on the Rise 2018)


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