How the Blond Bros. Discover Sexual Freedom

Meet Brando Marco's younger brother Edgar and discover how these two studs discovered sexual freedom.
Brando Marquez and his older brother Edgar posing with bunny ears, black underwear and harness by Atelier Cavalier
Photo Credit: Edward Murillo Moreno | Harness and under gear courtesy Atelier Cavalier

When Brando, my model, and muse called me to bring him lunch one day, while I was in a meeting, I never thought my perception of sex would change so much. He just called and said, “Papi bring me to lunch I’m starving.”

I arrived at a nice gay-friendly beauty parlor in midtown Bogotá and while he was being blonde again, a tiny version of Brando hugged him and said “gotta go, my girlfriend is waiting and I want to bang her today”

Brando Marquez and his older brother Edgar modeling in red underwear by Atelier Cavalier and black t-shirts by Kinkster NYC discover sexual freedom

Photo Credit: Edward Murillo Moreno | Under Gear Courtesy Atelier Cavalier

Brando stood and introduce me to Edgar, his brother, a 19 years old twink alike copy of Brando. I just say hello and he hugged me “make me famous as you did with Brando, I love those pictures” (talking about the ads for my brand @ateliercavalier) “can you wait for me?” And I just nodded

I talked to Brando about his brother’s relationship and he said: “he’s gay too, you know?” And I was like, ok, cool. But in my mind, I couldn’t believe that in a household could exist 2 gay brothers. I mean in high school I was classmate with a gay couple of twins that I found years later in a bar in Paris and they were married, but 2 blood brothers from different ages and homos? That came to my attention.

Edgar came back, we keep laughing and talking and I had to ask him. “Are you gay?” And he just laughed “well I’m not into labels” labels? This new generation of kids watch gender and sexual orientation as can labels? And he continued “I feel comfortable sexually with any human being, at this moment I have 2 boyfriends and 3 girlfriends, I love them all, and all of them know that I am not just a monogamous penguin” Brando in his loud voice concluded “that’s you! I’m committed to the hard pecs, ripped abs and hard d/ck, men are my jam b’tch” and we laughed.

These brothers are not regular, Brando (22) and Edgar (19) grew up in different households. Edgar moved with his grandma to Caracas, Venezuela to study music with a full free scholarship and Brando stayed in his town Cabimas where he studied music as well.

“He’s the smarty pants, I’m the slut,” Brando says laughing. “Our dad is a music teacher and he made us sing all the time when we were together” they had to split the family because Brando and Edgar have another 8 brothers and sisters, so leaving for one in a middle-class household in Venezuela was hard. “We are like twins and when I had to move to Caracas I just felt destroyed,” said Edgar “but I came back for holidays and we bound deeply, like a real twins relationship.”

They share everything, even men “ the first time I know Edgar liked men, I was 16 and he was 13 and I was dating a hot bodyguard, he sends me dick pics daily and one day, I took Edgar’s phone by mistake and Bam! He had the same pics, I got scared because I thought I was uploading everything to the cloud, and I delete them. Then he came and said: why did you delete the pics of my boyfriend? And we laughed. I showed him my phone and we laughed. Since that time, sometimes we share the same guy, if he’s hot of course “ Brando said.

Now they work together. “People love this perv thing of the brothers, we have deep respect for each other, we know our bodies, we don’t feel any desire for each other, we just like to have fun and people pay well for it.” Edgar told me “we go to gay Kikis in Colombia and they love us, the twins have arrived! They say and we love it.” Nowadays they dance together in a very upscale bar in Bogotá. “Tips are nice and when they find we are brothers, they just go crazy,” Brando said, “but we are saving to leave Colombia and go to the United States, we want to conquer the world and together we will do it.”

It’s nice to see how 3 brothers support each other and even they have same sexual feelings, they are committed to each other and they evolve in magical creatures that see sexual behavior as part of their daily lives and they enjoy being together.

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