Revolutionize the New Year with NILL ROGGER

"Let us do something incredible This New Year! Let us try to listen to the world form the speakers of other cultures!" - Corey Wesley
Photo of DJ Nill Rogger

The countdown has begun. Ladies and gentlemen, it is almost time for a brand New Year, 2019 which begins within less than 24 hours, and we’re thrilled to be kicking off the New Year with NiLL RoGGeR, OVAH Music’s 2019 DJ on the Rise.

However, before we say goodbye to 2018, we have to thank DJ BioZounds who mixed the hell out of 2018 and gave OVAH Music some of the most memorable progressive house, vocal, and tribal beat infused podcasts, all exclusive to OVAH Music. We can’t thank him enough for his dedication to our mission to keep quality music alive. We can not be more grateful for all he’s done this year as 2018 DJ on the Rise.

My love for music, DJs, and independent artists is the reason I created the OVAH Music group.

It’s now time to revolutionize your New Year’s Eve with NiLL RoGGeR.

Oftentimes, media limit who they highlight, a select few, and seldom spotlight those who are sometimes better than the ones who have received mainstream success.

NiLL RoGGeR, this year’s recipient of DJ on the Rise, along with the DJs we feature and connect with are the reason we continue to be excited about music. Music affects us in many ways, it helps us clear our minds, heal our hearts and most importantly it lift our spirits.

Naming someone DJ on the Rise is our chance to highlight and recognize a handful of DJs we’ve uncovered, listened to regularly, who influenced, inspired, and motivated us through their remixes. We also acknowledge their hustle and determination as they spin gig to gig and how they connect with us via social media. They’re also serious about their craft as long as they are creating memorable moments on and off the dance floor.

NiLL RoGGeR delivers OVAH New Year exclusive mix reaffirming why he’s 2019’s DJ on the Rise. Stay tuned because OVAH Music and DJ NiLL RoGGeR are clearly ready for 2019.

Enjoy this exclusive mix by NiLL RoGGeR!

We are proud to name NiLL RoGGeR, a truly global DJ, our 2K19 DJ on the Rise.


Visionary Leader, Music and Hot Toddy Lover. After 15+ successful years in finance, I ventured out on my own, creating various brands, Flirtatious-T, Urban FLRT, Kinkster NYC, and now Milton Wes and OVAH MAG.