Exclusive: Adam Joseph Releases Hot New Video of ‘Bye Felicia’

Sometimes you want to love the person you're with but the best thing to do might be to leave

Adam Joseph’s hot new single “BYE FELICIA on iTunes” is the ultimate breakup slow jam with sultry vocals and old school R&B vibes. We interviewed Joseph last year and we’re delighted to exclusively share his latest video.

“Bye Felicia” is not that fast-paced dance track we’ve come to know from the talented producer, singer, artist. This sultry track is everything you want when you’re sitting on the floor wrapping up the photos of your ex while drinking a glass of wine. Thanks to Joseph, I have another break-up anthem, Mariah Carey’s “GTFO” and now “Bye Felicia.” Even though I’m single it’s nice to have break-up songs in my artillery for when the time comes.

Joseph shared with us, “I’ve found that sometimes the best thing to do is just to say “Bye Felicia” and walk away from unhealthy relationships. When it comes to my love, not everyone deserves a second chance!”

The music video is a revenge story. Joseph is having a threesome with two hot guys and sending all the pictures to his ex who was caught with someone else. Joseph goes on to describe the guys as the tricks his ex cheated on him with!

The vibe of the song was inspired by 90’s softcore porn so Joseph decided to run with it. “This is definitely my sexiest music video so far and it’s been very liberating to express this side of my sexuality through my art,” said Joseph.


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