Is It Time To Talk More About COCKSPUR RUM

With a name like Cockspur, there are sure to be a few chuckles at your next party
A bottle of Cockspur Rum

The golden rule when attending a party or a social event at someone’s home is to bring something with you. This is an opportunity for us to purchase playful and conversational items that will add to the overall atmosphere of the party.

Whether you’re a bottle of wine or liquor, it’s always fun to find something unique and unusual. Recently we had an office gathering and one of our staffers brought with him Cockspur Rum.

Cockspur Rum is a rum beverage from the Eastern Caribbean island nation of Barbados. It has been produced by Hanschell Inniss Ltd. since 1884. It is said that Barbados is the country of origin of rumbullion, as it was originally called in the 18th century. Danish merchant Valdemar Hanschell established a liquor store in the 19th century where the rum was first distilled. Cockspur blends its rum while aging it in oak barrels, and it contains forty percent alcohol by volume.

What party wouldn’t get a pick-me-up and good chuckle with a name like Cockspur? But, more than the name, the rum was smooth, rich, and strong enough to put hair on a bare-chested man.

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