Emrhys Cooper: The Real Story of a ‘Trophy Boy’

The short film 'Trophy Boy' pulls back the curtain of social media's illusion of a perfect life.
The short film 'Trophy Boy' pulls back the curtain of social media's illusion of a perfect life.

Emrhys Cooper

OVAH MAG staff recently attended a premiere screening of critically acclaimed Trophy Boy at Soho House. After the screening, we met, conversed, and hung out with the ever-so-charming Emrhys Cooper the film’s director and lead actor. To top it off, we stood next to Zachary Quinto who was also in attendance. Jealous? Now, that’s what I consider, a Perfect-Sunday! The narrative I’m creating will make sense soon enough, keep reading!

After being in the business for 15 years Cooper decided to make his directorial debut with Trophy Boy. He’s always wanted to use his voice to awaken and inspire so he decided now was the time to make something happen. “Social media has created a generation of self-obsessed narcissists obsessed with self-obsessed narcissists,” says Cooper–himself with nearly a quarter-million followers across his social platforms–on why he made the film.

Trophy Boy is a modern and clever expose that peels back the layers of what appears real, forcing us to question the illusion of happiness and living the perfect life. Cooper has successfully created a commentary on what’s happening with social media and the news. If you think about it, we sometimes never actually see what’s really happening beyond people’s fabulous photos on their social media pages. Instead, we’re invested in their fabricated story and lifestyle!

Within the first few minutes, the film will intrigue you, however, it’s the allure of James, the main character that will hook you, pulling you in. Throughout the short film, I felt like someone pulled back the curtain allowing us to see beyond the veil of James’ perfect life. We’re given full access to his real-life versus his perfect Instagram life while innocently witnessing the illusion of the perfect-picture lifestyle fall to pieces.

The film left us wanting to know more; more about how the characters came to be in their current situation and more about what comes next. Fortunately for us, a series is in development which will dig into the characters a little more and why the lead character James is so damaged. We’re told that everything in season 1 will be based in reality, whether they are situations that happened to the actors or what has happened in the news. It will be along the lines of Girls but with guys in the style of Entourage. The series is slated to be sexy and funny, gritty and real. The cast will be a colorful one and there should be plenty of opportunities for cameo appearances.


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