2K19 DJ on the Rise – NiLL RoGGeR

"It's not about what the equipment does, it's about what you can do through that equipment. That's where the soul is." - Richie Hawtin

Back in the day, I used to love going to Roxy, Twilo, and the Palladium. I would even travel around the world to attend circuit parties. What I enjoyed most was listening to the DJs. I’m a die-hard fan of club and dance music and it fascinates me when they take a slow song and turn it into a dance track. The talents that are behind some of the tracks that are out there is amazing. DJs have shaped my journey as a gay man, giving my life musical meaning. Their skill to create a vibration of hope, inspire a generation, and invoke emotion has fascinated me and given me the courage to make it through every day.

With that spirit, last year we announced our first DJ on the Rise 2K18, Bio Zounds. Naming someone DJ on the Rise is our chance to highlight and recognize a handful of DJs we’ve uncovered, listened to regularly, who influenced, inspired, and motivated us through their remixes. We also acknowledge their hustle and determination as they spin gig to gig and how they connect with us via social media. They’re also serious about their craft as long as they are creating memorable moments on and off the dancefloor.

After listening to a collection of podcasts and mixes what sealed the deal for this year’s DJ on the Rise was “Abba & Richard G.rey – Dancing Queen 2018 (Nill Rogger Tribal DUB REBOOT mix)” from NiLL RoGGeR.

NiLL’s mother used to listen to Abba so he is passionate about all the songs, especially “Dancing Queen.” When he heard a deep house version by Richard Grey, he thought about taking that classic to his track so he produced the tribal-version and it was an absolute success of downloads, plays, and sharing by other DJs.

“I’m overflowing with joy, for the recognition and affection with my work and I feel that this will open many doors. I feel excited to do great work with the Kinkster team, together we will be great,” said NiLL on being named DJ on the Rise 2K19.

NiLL has been connected to music since he was a child. He had always admired DJs like Junior Vasquez, David Morales, Tony Moran, Armand Van Helden, Frankie Knuckles, among others. In 2008 he decided that his love of music could not hold him back from being a DJ so he decided to play at friends’ parties and this grew into something big. He participated and won the TWGT contest of the group The Week Brazil, one of the biggest clubs in the world aimed at the LGBTQ+ audiences. This win was a pivotal moment in his artistic career. “Winning The Week’s DJ Contest was a great victory, after all, there were more than 300 DJs registered and I won all the stages,” shared NiLL. From this win, he realized he could move on and start producing music with a great affection for the classics.

When it comes to describing his musical style, NiLL says, “I like to please everyone, in the style that suits me, so I mix a lot of vocals and groovy songs so I can reach a big audience.” When playing a set NiLL says there is no single recipe for success. He plays to feel the club and hear what has been touched. The feeling and experience do all the work. The DJ has to know that the night has a beginning, middle, and end which is like in a story and that for every moment there has to be the right music. “Here the feeling and experience count a lot and of course, it’s important to have material for every moment. My sets are made at the time because I prefer to feel the clue and play what is needed,” says NiLL.

We asked NiLL to describe his feelings when he plays music and this is what he shared, “Love. Love is the feeling that describes this moment. I love what I do and do what I love. And if I can choose the same thing in other lives, I have already chosen to be a DJ for all of them.”

NiLL says the biggest challenge of DJs today is to stay in the market since there are a lot of new DJs being born every day. And producing your own music today is the differential because that way it will not be more of the same. When it comes to developing a relationship with listeners he says the important thing is to get to know your audience. This is the role of the DJ, do not just stick to Hits but rather make music hits.

We are proud to name NiLL RoGGeR a truly global DJ our 2K19 DJ on the Rise.

Enjoy this exclusive downloadable mix by Nill RoGGeR for us!

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