Buck Angel: Buck Shot Energy Drink Works Like a Charm

BuckShot provides the energy, confidence & enhancement you need for maximum intimate performance. Ultimate all natural aphrodisiac includes the power of CBD!
Photo of LGBTQ Trans Activist Buck Angel

It’s not typical for me to endorse an enhancement drink but this one in particular works and exceeded my expectations. The Buck Shot a CBD Infused Intimacy drink is a revolutionary product developed by the one and only Buck Angel, who we recently featured. In my opinion, it is by far the best enhancement drink on the market.

If you ever walked into a sex shop, there are entire walls devoted to enhancements, and of course, over the years out of curiosity, I’ve tried a handful. Some worked and let’s say the others did nothing but give me horrible side effects. Unless you know which enhancements to pick, it’s like playing a game of Russian Roulette.

Energy Enhancement Drink, Buck Angel, The BuckshotAlthough I had my reservations and doubts that I would experience maximum intimate performance, I was excited when Buck offered to send me a couple Buck Shots to try.

A few days after our interview with Buck Angel on Cannabis, the samples arrived. I was excited to try them, but again doubtful that I would see any real results. It took about two weeks before I opened the first sample.

On a random day at home sitting at my desk feeling a little stressed out, I remembered that the Buck Shot’s specially developed formula of healthy ingredients includes the power of Cannabidiol (CBD) which offers extra focus, energy and naturally relieves stress and anxiety. I opened it and took a hefty swallow. It’s not a bad taste, and it’s easy to drink, but for me, I had to get used to the taste of it.

The blend of all-natural ingredients includes: carthamus, cinnamon bark, ginkgo biloba, red berried weeds, rehmannia, caffeine, tribulus terrestris extract, wild yam extract, pomegranate juice, Indian gooseberry, organic acai, and all natural hemp extract derived nano cannabidiol.

You can get up to 3 doses from one bottle, but if you want the full-maximum effect, you can drink the entire thing, and it starts working within 30 minutes and can last up to 72 hours.

Within 20 minutes of taking the shot, I felt a noticeable sense of relaxation, but I was still focused and alert. I also experienced an exceptionally stronger erection and longer orgasm. Typically within a few hours with other enhancements, I would begin to experience uncomfortable and unpleasant side effects. The Buck Shot gave me no unpleasant side effects so I was able to enjoy the results even more!

To learn where you can order the Buck Shot, visit www.pridewellness.net or www.buckangel.com

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