Colombia’s Kickass Leather Brand, KINKE

KINKE is twisted and voyeuristic. It is also diverse, inclusive, multicultural and multicolor. That is why our customers are our friends.

Just at this time when sex still seems to be taboo, many still have fears of expressing their tastes. Usually fetish people in Colombia are retiring, fearful and have a high degree of frustration that they have not yet expressed their preferences. That’s why they do it only in the silence and loneliness of their room. On the other hand we are the people who decided to break the fear, break the taboo and express our tastes freely, thus expanding the horizon of the fetishistic movement.

Today it is normal to see men and women in their daily routine and party environments using fabrics with transparency, leather chockers with the metal ring adorning the center, chains tangled in the body, underwear making times of formal clothes. These types of garments, very typical of the sadomasochistic culture (BDSM), not only seek to promote and extend the knowledge of the scene, they also seek to raise awareness of the broad spectrum of sexual and erotic diversity through recreational activities, academic and artistic activities, with a spirit of cordiality and exchange.

It is not strange to think that our brand was born of a normal day, in the darkness of a room, in a night where the sex was the way to spend time. The search began by contacting some brands in San Francisco, Germany, and Holland but with the great surprises access to them was much more expensive than I could imagine.

Following the interest for these types of garments and the morbidity that causes the only use and thinking about those people who cannot travel abroad to buy these garments or find it difficult to buy online, KINKE Leather was born. The idea of taking advantage of the production and manufacturing infrastructure for Colombian leather with the familiar knowledge was born.

The leather has not only served to achieve a development in the country, its variety, novelty in designs, and quality has turned this sector into one of the most significant exports and prestigious areas in the external markets.

The KINKE family is one of artisan tradition. For many years we have worked the body, with two operational plants we have delivered to our male and female clients, footwear, handbags, and belts. Following this family legacy, we decided to be ourselves, the national and international suppliers of these fetish products.

We started with a line of classic harnesses, like the bulldog, in X, shoulder harness, and the jockstrap with interchangeable cups to see and understand if people were really interested in consuming these kinds of products at a price accessible to the fetishist market and to see if there was enough curiosity in the leather in Colombia.

We believe in the quality of our leather. We believe in our artists and artisans, that is why we offer our clients in Colombia, Mexico, Peru, United States, etc. designs that harmonize the classic and innovative, sensuality and discretion, elegance and disruptive, suggestive eroticism and the obvious. We love to know how our products are used in unsuspected ways and we learn from it.

KINKE is twisted and voyeuristic. It is also diverse, inclusive, multicultural and multicolor. That is why our customers are our friends, accomplices and lovers of leather, fetishes, passion, lust. So many of our clients are also our models, who in turn seek to break with stereotypes and know their body through these garments which for many are more than underwear.

Today Colombia not only has KINKE, it has a complete industry in accessories, garments, spaces, fairs where the taste for leather and fetishes can be expressed more freely.

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PHOTO & VIDEO CREDIT: Edward Murillo Moreno

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