Addicted’s New Lustful Spring Underwear Collection

In celebration of the Spring "Season of Love", Addicted, the naughty little sister brand of ES Collection, has unveiled its “Lust” underwear collection.

Show us your underwear! And we’re not asking because we want to know whether you are wearing boxers or briefs, this time around we are curious to see if you’re stylish enough to be wearing the latest collection, “Lust” from sister brand to the favorite ES Collection.

This fun and sexy collection are turning up everywhere after unveiling its “Lust” underwear collection. I haven’t personally tried them on, but from the looks of it these are precisely the type of underwear that one should purchase to spice up their life in the bedroom or for those who are daring enough to hit the sex-clubs, you ditch the towel and wear this sizzling hot underwear.

“They’re also interchangeable,” adds Nir Zilberman, the brand’s USA agent. “They’re perfectly suited to be worn on the field and in the bed. Who says sports briefs can’t be sexy too?”

Corey Wesley, Kinkster MAG founder, caught up Ed Sunder, the founder and asked him to describe the collection and he proudly said, “It’s sassy, jovial, and ironic but also fresh, sporty and stylish.”

The “Lust” collection features tight-fitting briefs in fire-y flames, neon leopard, and superhero prints, emblazoned with tongue-in-cheek sayings like “Horny,” “Love Me Hard,” “Ready to Milk” and “High-Class Hooker.”

Honestly, from the photos, designer Carmen Monforte has proven to be a force to be reckoned with. Monforte has designed a collection that encourages confidence in the men who wear “Lust.” “As a men’s fashion label, materials and craftsmanship are a top priority,” Monforte confirms. “More time is put into the sewing of each garment so that they are built to last, even through the roughest of play.”

The big reason we added “Lust” to our fiery finds section is that they are tailored to fit every body type perfectly. We love brands and collections that embrace all body types because it helps the community to be inclusive in all forms.

During our brief chat, Monforte added, “They are intended for guys who feel good about themselves, are comfortable with their bodies and are daring enough to be overtly racy.”

What makes this collection unique is the fact that Addicted’s superior artisan team finely and meticulously crafts all the garments within the “Lust” collection. “As a men’s fashion label, materials and craftsmanship are a top priority,” Monforte confirms.”

We are excited to share a few photos from the pictorial campaign, directed by the renowned photographer Leonardo Corredor, capturing the steamy side of Addicted’s “Lust” collection. The provocative images have been a big hit with Kinksters around the world and another reason we immediately added them to our firey finds.

Honestly what also makes this campaign pop is the darker-skined models. As an African-American, it’s something I noticed immediately. It’s rare to see this in large gay marketing campaigns, which is why I applaud everyone involved with the campaign. It’s finally time for more brands to embrace darker-skined models, BRAVO!

Addicted’s “Lust” collection is sold directly at, as well as at select retail partners worldwide.

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