The Truth Is You Are Not The Only Person Concerned About THICK SPERM

The thickness of your ejaculate may be telling you something about your health.
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Understanding your body and having a level of comfortability talking about sex is critical for a health sex life. Talking about sex enables you to understand when something is wrong and requires a doctor and when human nature telling you something.

Masturbation is critical for men because it releases the build-up of sperm. If you don’t release on a regular, it can potentially do more harm than good. Do you know that when sperm is not released frequently, it can become toxic to the body?

When you do masturbate it’s not only good for the body, it makes you feel good, obviously. But it’s also how you can check on your health. Have you ever noticed that sometimes your sperm is thick? If so, don’t be alarmed but it’s something to be aware of because your body is telling you something.

There will always be a change in the consistency of semen, and it usually depends on what you eat, how active you are, and how often you have sexual intercourse with your partner, or how often you masturbate.

If you’re not drinking plenty of water, you could potentially be dehydrated. It is important to understand that drinking coffee, alcohol, and soda will also have dehydrating effects on your body, and this will lead to thicker-than-normal sperm.

Be alarmed if your sperm is thick semen with discolored ejaculatory fluids. If you ever notice a green or yellow tinge in your semen it could be an infection. If you’re experiencing some other symptoms with thick sperm, such as pain, fever, itching, burning, clotted sperm and uncomfortable urination, you should get tested for STDs. Also, if there is a foul-smelling discharge from your penis, a doctor’s visit is a must!

Sperm thickness can also be due to a hormone imbalance. If your testosterone levels go down, you may notice your semen becoming thick. It is, however, a bit tricky to determine if hormonal imbalance is the underlying cause or there is something else going on in your case. Only a visit to your doctor will confirm.

Medications can also be the cause for thick sperm. Ask your doctor if you’re concerned.

After reading all this, you might be asking, “What does healthy sperm look like? That’s a real good question, and the answer is simple. It will have a cloudy white or sometimes grayish appearance. After ejaculation, it is more likely to look like a jelly-like consistency, and it becomes runny after half an hour. Moreover, normal semen will have a chlorine-like smell, and it will taste slightly sweet because it has high fructose content. The taste may change significantly depending on your diet. It might be inappropriate here but I won’t, but if you’re a freak between the sheets, I bet you can figure out what I was thinking (ha, ha).

Knowing how to improve your sperm is most important because it’s a sign of good health and it also will change your sex life.

You can do some things to ensure that your ejaculate is healthy:

1. Stay hydrated – Drinking plenty of water and especially if you’ve been drinking alcohol. (limit the amount of alcohol you drink. Regular consumption of alcohol will affect the quantity and quality of your sperm, so avoid it.)

2. Maintaining a healthy diet sounds simple, but it is not, and many of us don’t eat right. Consider adding whole grains and vegetables to your diet for healthier sperm. Eating plenty of eggs, fish, walnuts, peanuts, sunflower, cashews, and pumpkin seeds will also go a long way in increasing your sperm count.

3. Staying cool sounds absurd but going commando once in a while is good for you or at least letting it hang loosely at home. Increased scrotal temperature will always affect sperm production in a negative way. Avoid wearing athletic shorts or tight underwear. It is also recommended to limit the time you spend in a hot sauna

4. Limit the use of illegal substances. Using illegal drugs such as marijuana can affect the shape and movement of your sperm. Crystal Meth and cocaine will have the similar effects on your sperm.

When in doubt contact your doctor if you’re unsure because healthy sperm is related to your overall health.


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