The Uninhibited Realness of TS Madison

There can’t be one face of the community, as there are too many faces. -- TS Madison
Ts Madison, Interview
Photo Credit: IRoQ Photography

Immediately, after the camera was turned on, a star was born.  TS Madison has become a fixture of positivity, hope, and realness within the LGBTQ community.

Her life is the backdrop for her successful career.  She is a transgender woman who captivates us with her YouTube videos, and most recently, her candid WOWPresents, Wait a Minute videos which are so entertaining they will have you craving more.

TS Madison, a Miami native, understands the importance of business, and it fascinates me how she has been able to turn her life stories into a money-making business. Impressively, an adult business owner turned internet sensation, and now a pop-culture star, it is no wonder she has millions of loyal followers.

In addition to being a part of the WOWPresents family, TS Madison is featured on RuPaul’s new CD, Butch Queen. Madison is a girl on the go. She released an autobiography entitled, A Light Through Shade: An Autobiography of a Queen, has been a celebrity guest at RuPaul’s DragCon and appears on Logo’s new gay game show, Gay for Play.

TS Madison has an entrepreneurial spirit, is driven to succeed and is making her dreams come true.  Her candid spirit inspires and is one of the reasons I wanted to interview this bottle of inspiration.

I recently had the pleasure of catching up with TS Madison to learn more about this trans mogul and pop-culture sensation.

Your Wait a Minute web series with World of Wonder is clever and entertaining. How do you come up with the topics discussed in each episode?

Each episode is uniquely told because they are true life events or experiences. You can’t make up things like, “he took a good dick outta this world.” LOL

Your earlier videos, use the phrase “Is it on?” and references to all the media outlets including Christian Mingle to intro the video. How did this opening to your videos come about? Why Christian Mingle? Are you moving away from using this intro?

I necessarily haven’t moved away from “is it on” because that’s a part of my brand however I have a strategy to how I deliver my videos now. Especially since I have opened a gateway for #transvloggers that were taking my catch phrases and making it their own. Each video is specifically designed for a topic for example I use “is it on” when the video is more personal to me, like I use “bitch y’all hoes sleep” when I am about to tell a story or gossip with my fans. Sometimes when I want to be direct I skip all intros because I need to get it right out. The phrase “is it on” came from me playing around the camera looking how good and delicious I looked before I pressed record then it grew into me asking the viewers “is this mug on,” “is this attitude on,” “is this bitch recording?”

Listen to the name…Christian Mingle. There is an actual site for Christians. Wouldn’t that lead to fornication? The IRONY!!!

How did your business relationship with WOW develop? Would you consider doing your own reality show?

My business relationship with WOW developed during the whole “Tranny gate” situation when I made a video that went viral speaking about the “advocates or activist” who were trying to get certain words or terms viewed as hateful when it was coming from Rupaul, World of Wonder Network and Logo TV. These people are our allies and come from a generation where these words were “inter gay logo” and were not used as derogatory against each other. Many Trans women have used these words to make money off of for example sex workers, adult entertainers and dancers. I am and will always be a part of the World Of Wonder family because they are currently developing my show.

You’re on RuPaul’s recent Butch Queen album. What has the reception been like for the track you’re on, “Drop.” What was the experience like working with RuPaul?

The reception of the song was Amazing! I am not sure if you’re aware but Butch Queen charted #3 on the dance charts and it’s been in the top 10 since its release on March 7. This was the top-rated debut for all his albums to date. I am honored to be a part of it.

The experience working with Rupaul is absolutely AMAZING. I have learned so much on how to be a better business mogul by working with Rupaul. I mean let’s face it, Rupaul is MUVA. Not everyone gets an opportunity to work with him or be in his presence and work with such a long standing business mogul.

You have a lot going on. How do you juggle all the projects you’re involved with?

First I take a deep breath, I pray, and I ask for the proper guidance then I dump the heaviest work load on my manager and then say bye, LOL BUT SERIOUSLY I DO. Then he organizes me and I go to work.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned so far about being an independent entrepreneur?

I’ve learned that you will stumble fall and fall again but it’s not about how many times you fall but it’s about how many times you get up and keep going.

Everyone has taken notice of and appreciates how open and honest you are about your life and experiences. A lot of us struggle with finding a level of confidence that allows us to live our truth openly? What was the catalyst that allowed you to arrive at where you are today?

Reminding myself not to take things personal from people that don’t know me personally.

People in the public eye who have a strong voice are often labeled as activists or role models? Would you call yourself an activist or role model or both and why or why not?

I wouldn’t call myself either, I was placed in that category because of my public presence, so I accepted part of that responsibility and used my presence to bring awareness to issues that plague our community. I must remind people that I am a part of LGBT not the face of it, there can’t be one face of the community, as there are too many faces of the community.

We know that you’ve held Janet Mock in high esteem. Describe your experience in being interviewed by her regarding your book (A Light Through The Shade: An Autobiography of a Queen) last year. What was that meeting like?

I must say that Janet Mock is more beautiful in person than I expected, I don’t mean just in physical appearance I mean in personality and spirit. She wasn’t exactly what I thought that she would be being how she is such an important figure in our community, I thought she would be stuck up, but she was warm, inviting and understanding of and to me. To meet a Trans woman of such magnitude and feel right at home lets me know that she hasn’t lost the most important piece of her and that’s humility. She also let me know that I am just as important as her in this age of Trans Visibility.

Your names TS Madison vs. Madison Hinton; tell us more about this? What’s going on? What will be lost or gained with this shift?

TS Madison is just what it is TS Madison. I have branded that throughout my entire career. When you say TS Madison almost everyone knows it. When you say Madison Hinton you think of the author of that book. When you think TS Madison my entire resume comes up. I will not be dropping the TS off of my name, like I said it’s a part of my brand. The TS stands for too much stuff.

On a YouTube video we watch you driving and lip synching to “There is No Failure in God.” You noted that “I was raised up in it and never forgot it!!!” You also mentioned in another interview that although you’re not religious, you believe in God. Tell us more? How and where does God fit into your life?

Well I think that everyone should have a personal relationship with whomever they deem as “God” once you come to the full understanding that your life is governed by some higher authority, that provides all things for you, good and bad you find some type of peace knowing that you really don’t have full responsibility over everything and you’re not perfect. I’m just a passenger on this ride.

What advice would you have for LGBTQ individuals who struggle reconciling their identity with their religion, God, the church, spirituality?

I would tell anyone that is in the LGBTQ community is know God for yourself don’t look to anyone else to provide you redemption or judgement.

What do you expect to accomplish in 3, 5, 10 years from now?

I speak positivity over my life on a day to day basis. If I sat here and told you what I think or where I think I’ll be in 3, 5, or 10 years I would be telling you all success stories, however, I take life as it’s given to me, day by day and I speak greatness in my future and I walk into the spoken word, day by day but that just have to do it. Day By Day.

Our magazine is geared to gay men with an edge, we like to ask all our interviewees, and of course I’m chuckling, but still want to ask it, “What is something you have done that would be considered edgy, unconventional, or tight-lipped?”

YOU’RE ASKING ME THIS………ME…….of all people!!! You can choose from any of the videos you see on YouTube, Facebook, or big dick bitch .com and you tell me what was the edgiest for you.

And just because it’s you, let’s ask a flip-side question, “What is something others may not know about you that would be considered “normal,” “conservative,” “prudish,” or “mainstream?”

People would find it interesting if they knew how much I have sacrificed for my new found career in mainstream. I have come close to losing it all but as I said before I take it Day By Day.


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